Jul 6, 2015

ALS Giveaway Results


Last month, in honor of ALS Awareness Month, Real Food Blends gave away 600 meals to 100 PALS (that’s Patients with ALS.) We wanted to give them a chance to experience Real Food Blends and get their feedback on how the meals worked (or didn’t!) for them.


Augie Nieto of Augie’s Quest is a Real Food Blends fan!

For many years now, people who are 100% formula fed who add some real food into their tube-feeding program have been reporting positive changes, both to the way their body is functioning and how they feel about tube-feeding.   Our meals are simply an easier way to access these benefits so we’re not really surprised by the results.

This was a very small, unscientific survey, but we asked each of our ‘taste’ testers to answer a couple of questions about their experience using Real Food Blends after one month. Most simply added in 1 Real Food Blends meal per day, replacing a can of formula for a few weeks:

  • 60% reported a marked improvement in bowel habits
  • 20% reported a noticeable improvement in volume tolerated (they could take more at one time, meaning they wouldn’t need to be fed as often.)
  • Every respondent said they wanted to continue using Real Food Blends.
  • 100% said that they “felt better about” having a Real Food Blends meal vs. a typical formula feed
  • 100% said they would recommend Real Food Blends to others with ALS and a feeding tube.

We especially love those last two. There is such a psychological boon to giving someone a real meal….just like offering baked goods to visitors at your home!  This is a concept that is rarely talked about in the medical field when discussing tube feeding but is very important, both for the person with a feeding tube and their loved ones.  For those with ALS, we hope that having real food readily available provides not only much-needed nutrition, but also a bit of happiness.