Get to know real food

The only ready-to-use, 100% real food meals
for people with a feeding tube

With simple ingredients blended to perfection, 100% real
food is finally on the menu for people with a feeding tube

No syntheticingredients
No addedcolor or flavor
No addedsugar* orsalt**
No dairy,nut, or soyingredients

Savor what's real - with 6 different meals
and 1 snack to choose from

Our diverse menu brings variety back to mealtime. Each pouch is bursting with the
goodness of 5-8 simple, real food ingredients.

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Open new possibilities with every pouch

Real Food Blends is a convenient, ready-to-feed option that gives you a chance to
explore more of what life has to offer.

Bolus, pump,
or gravity

Join friends
and family
for real meals

Enjoy at home
or on the go

Our real food ingredients
can't wait to meet you

Say hello to carrot, kick it with kale, or chill with chicken. Whether you used to know them back in the day, or this is your first encounter, we're pleased to (re)introduce you.

Nutrition you can stomach

A growing body of evidence shows that blenderized tube feeding may improve common signs of formula intolerance, such as:

  • Nausea and vomiting1,2
  • Gagging/retching3,4
  • Reflux associated with tube feeding5,6
  • Bowel irregularity1,7

With Real Food Blends, enjoying the benefits of a blenderized
diet is as simple as opening a pouch.

Real food, real people

For healthcare professionals

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education credits, sample requests, and more.