Say Hello to 100% Real Food and Nutritional Variety – and Win Some FREE Meals (and more)!

We’re all ready to bid farewell to 2020, but the new year is also a perfect time to move beyond eating the same thing for every meal, every day. Make this the year you move on to 100% real food and nutritional variety and bring back the joy of meal time!

To make it easy to try Real Food Blends, we’re giving away FREE meals and some other feeding tube supplies we think you’ll love. To enter our New Year, New Way Giveaway, simply fill out the form to the right — and if you’re a medical professional and want to request samples, you can note that in the form as well.

Learn more about the prize packs below, good luck, and happy new year!

Fill out the form below to enter the Real Food Blends New Year giveaway. Winners will be contacted by email.

Grand Prize

4x RFB Variety Packs
3x O-ring Syringes
1x RFB Blender Bottle
1x Squeasy Gear Bottle

4 First Prizes

1x RFB Variety Packs
1x O-ring Syringes
1x RFB Blender Bottle

GIVEAWAY DETAILS: The New Year, New Way Giveaway is open to US residents and begins at 12pm CT on January 4, 2021 and ends at 11:59pm CT on January 8, 2021. All winners will be chosen at random by Real Food Blends and contacted via email following the close of the giveaway. Only one entry per day, per household. Any winner that does not respond within 5 business days will forfeit the prize and another winner will be chosen at random.

Stories From The Community


I truly believe that Real Food Blends played a big part in my recovery from my grueling surgery, chemo and radiation for oral cancer. The doctors prescribed the typical formulas. I found Real Food Blends and introduced it to my doctors. I began to thrive and was able to beat cancer! Real Food Blends was a game changer.

– Wyanne


Since starting Real Food Blends, my daughter has normal bowel movements, and she has even started to want to eat food by mouth! Between therapies, appointments, etc, this special needs mom doesn’t have time to make her own blenderized food and since our insurance covers the Real Food Blends I don’t have to!

– Tessa


This is a big reason why I love Real Food Blends – I can now proactively recommend a blended diet that consists of a wide variety of real foods to the vast majority of my patients. The meals are just as easy to use as formula, don’t require any special equipment and are typically covered by insurance.

– Alissa Rumsey



RFB powers my little boy to DANCE! Because of his genetic condition, his little body requires about twice as many calories as a typical 4 year old but also can’t tolerate too much volume. With RFB for his meals he gets all the calories he needs in a tolerable amount, and he has all the energy he needs to dance the day and night away!

– Laura