Real Food Blends meals are covered by many private
and public health insurance plans (HCPCS B4149).

Follow these steps to learn about coverage options:


Get a prescription from your doctor


contact your DME/home infusion company


DME/home infusion company verifies insurance & ships meals to you

Insurance Coverage

Many private and public insurance plans cover Real Food Blends meals. To find out if your insurance plan will cover Real Food Blends, you can:
(1) Get a prescription from your doctor
(2) Contact your current DME/home infusion company or
(3) Reach out to one of the DMEs/home infusion companies listed below

Find a DME/Home Infusion Company in Your State

We have compiled a list of DME/home infusion companies in your area that supply Real Food Blends. This list is subject to change at any time. If you are a DME/home infusion company carrying Real Food Blends and would like to be added to this list, please reach out to

Select your state below to find a DME/home infusion company in your area that supplies Real Food Blends:

Select your state to find your DME.

Nutricia Navigator is available for Real Food Blends consumers!

Nutricia Navigator is one-on-one support to help you navigate your individual insurance coverage and easier access to Real Food Blends.

As a Real Food Blends customer, you will have complementary access to Nutricia Navigator, our patient assistance program, for personalized support to help you navigate the complexity of insurance coverage. Our experts are available to help with any questions you may have about Real Food Blends. Examples of exclusive support include:

  • Contact your insurance company to verify coverage
  • Assist in appealing insurance denials
  • Help you locate where to obtain Real Food Blends

Getting started with Nutricia Navigator is simple!

Simply download the form and fill it out with your clinician. Then send your completed form to

You can connect with our experts at Nutricia Navigator from 9:00am – 6:00pm ET Monday-Friday by calling (800)365-7354 or emailing

Please visit Nutricia Navigator to read all of the details!