“Our 2 year old son had no weight gain for 6 months straight, but after starting Real Food Blends, he gained 9 ounces in 2 weeks!!”


“I gave him 60mls over 15 minutes. That’s a HUGE step for him! He used to only be able to handle 70mls and hour and with using the feeding pump to deliver his feeds.”

April S.

“I am already noticing a huge difference!! I don’t feel sick at all when I do a feeding which is huge! Also, I am beginning to feel hunger again.”


“Above and beyond how happy she is with the real food I am noticing a dramatic improvement in her bowel movements. The “bm” issue has been huge for us for years and to see her great improvement makes me so very happy. Thank you for changing our lives!!”


“This is my son Gage. He has had a feeding tube all his life. Gage wasn’t gaining any weight with his regular formula. He needed to gain weight for his facial surgeries. When we started using real food he finally started to gain weight after 3 years of weighting the same. Now next month he is able to have another surgery thanks to real food blends.”