Eggs, Apples & Oats (12 meals)

Eggs, Apples & Oats | Real Food Blends

Eggs, Apples & Oats (12 meals)

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Each meal contains 1 serving of fruits and vegetables * Good source of protein * Good source of iron * Certified gluten free oats

  • 100% real food, blenderized meals for people with feeding tubes.
  • Ready to use for bolus (syringe) feeding.
  • Convenient 12 pack, 9.4 oz net weight per meal (yields 320 calories in an 8 ounce serving).
  • No refrigeration needed! Shelf-stable for 3 years from the date of manufacturing.
  • Ingredients: Apples, whole eggs, water, zucchini, flaxseed oil, and rolled oats.
  • No corn syrup, dairy, soy, or nuts!

Real Food Blends meals are 100% real food pureed meals for use in a feeding tube.

The Eggs, Apples & Oats meal contains only 6 ingredients: apples, whole eggs, water, zucchini, flaxseed oil, and rolled oats. No additives or preservatives - these blenderized meals are made shelf-stable through the same heating process that keeps baby foods on shelves. Real Food Blends meals are thicker than traditional enteral formulas, and are intended to be bolus fed with a syringe. Additional liquid can be added for use in a feeding tube pump or smaller feeding tubes.

Always consult with your medical professionals before making any changes to your prescribed enteral (tube-feeding) formula, and before starting a blenderized diet.

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