To our Real Food Blends community –

We have truly been overwhelmed by your response to our crowdfunding campaign and notes of encouragement the last few months. Many of you have shared your personal stories of what real food has done for you or your tube-fed loved one, or how eager you are to try our meals to supplement formula.

Bringing any food product to market from a commercial kitchen to a full-scale FDA / USDA certified manufacturing level is a huge task. We have been working tirelessly to perfect our meals at this larger scale, while staying true to our core values of using only 100% real food, delivering shelf-stability, and the ability to easily pass through a feeding tube.

With that said, we will not be able to ship the meals this month like we had originally planned. We will have a firm shipping date soon for those that supported our IndieGoGo campaign, and will keep everyone informed via email and  Facebook & Twitter when the meals will be for sale.  I cannot apologize enough for this delay. Personally, there have been many times over the past several months when I’ve been blending for AJ late at night…having Real Food Blends meals in my pantry would have bought me a lot more sleep!

I know many of you are eagerly awaiting your Real Food Blends meals.  We are confident that the final meals will be worth the wait. I personally appreciate your patience and am excited that we are so close to being able to deliver Real Food Blends to you.

Thank you for your support and patience.