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Live Sessions

with Real Food Blends

Talk Live With Our Co-Founders and Special Guests

Join us for our series of 30 minute chats on Zoom about all things feeding tube related. Each chat will feature one of our co-founders, and often a guest, talking about different topics that impact families with loved ones with a feeding tube. There will be plenty of time to answer any questions you may have about using Real Food Blends as well, whether you have questions about how to get our meals, insurance concerns, or want more information about how to use Real Food Blends.

Upcoming Zoom Chats

The Journey of Special Needs Dads
June 18, 7:30pm Central

This one is for the Dads! Join Tony Bombacino, Co-Founder & President of Real Food Blends and Dad to AJ for an honest discussion about the unexpected journey of being a special needs dad and the unique situations that happen when your child has a feeding tube.

Our Co-Founders

Julie Bombacino, MBA

Co-Founder and CEO, Real Food Blends

Originally inspired by her son AJ, who is tube-fed and the company’s “Chief Inspiration Officer,” Real Food Blends is the leading maker of 100% real food meals for people with feeding tubes.

Tony Bombacino

Co-Founder and President, Real Food Blends

Prior to co-founding Real Food Blends, Tony spent 15+ years in various digital and direct marketing leadership roles at companies of all sizes including Andersen, United Airlines, Resolution Media, and