We are aware that Abbott recently announced the discontinuation of PediaSure Harvest and Ensure Harvest. This news may affect you, as people with feeding tubes use these products. If you were previously using PediaSure Harvest or Ensure Harvest and are now looking for an alternative, Real Food Blends can be an option.

Real Food Blends is available and ready to serve you. As the only ready-to-feed true blenderized diet option made from 100% real food, our products offer nutritional variety from simple ingredients across six meals and one snack.

Real Food Blends can be used for children and adults as a primary source of nutrition, as well as in conjunction with commercial formula or a home-blended diet. Our meals and snack are covered by many insurance plans under HCPCS code B4149.

Try Real Food Blends by purchasing our trial kit (6 meals, one of each flavor) here.

To learn more about transitioning to Real Food Blends, download our transition guide. Talk with your healthcare team before making any changes to your diet.