This is the first post in a series we will be doing in honor of
Feeding Tube Awareness Week.

One of the hardest parts of having a feeding tube or caring for someone that does, can be that lonely feeling of “I’m the only person I know with a feeding tube” or “I don’t know anyone else who has to feed their child this way.”

In honor of Feeding Tube Awareness Week, we’d like to introduce you to some famous people that have had / have a feeding tube to show you that you are not alone!

Roger Ebert

Perhaps the most famous tube-feeder of all time, Mr. Ebert lived for over seven years after cancer took his ability to eat orally. He penned this piece about his tube in 2011 and by talking publicly about his feeding tube, he took away some of the stigma.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Ebert & his amazing wife Chaz numerous times to discuss Real Food Blends, and he was excited about the idea of giving real food to people on tubes. He truly LIVED with a feeding tube and we’re thankful he spoke out publicly about it.

ALS Warriors

The names Pete Frates and Augie Nieto might not be instantly recognizable, but you know their work!

If you found yourself dumping a bucket of cold water over your head last year in the name of ALS research, you can thank Pete Frates! Pete is the founder of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – need we say more? This challenge raised a ton of awareness for ALS and over $100 million for ALS research. If you are a mom caring for a tube-fed child, check out this TED Talk from Pete’s mom, Nancy. Amazing people!

If you belong to a gym, chances are you can thank Augie Nieto for that favorite piece of exercise equipment. He founded Life Fitness, and after his ALS diagnosis, went on to found Augie’s Quest which has raised more than $44 million for ALS research. You may have seen him on the Today Show too!


Jim Kelly

Former Buffalo Bills quarterback & NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly relied on a feeding tube in 2014 as he battled sinus cancer. Thankfully he is now tube-free. He and his wife Jill were also parents to a tube-fed son and founded Hunter’s Hope to spread awareness about Krabbe’s Disease.


The next time someone asks about the tube, you can list off these names and say “See, you actually do ‘know’ others on a feeding tube. It’s not so weird!”

Please visit & support Feeding Tube Awareness Week. This week, Real Food Blends will be donating 5% of all online sales to support this fantastic organization.


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