Real Food Meals for People with Feeding Tubes

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checkmarkSimplicity of a true blenderized diet

checkmark6 meals & 1 snack  for Kids & Adults

checkmark5-8 real food ingredients per meal or snack

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There’s nothing more rewarding than being able to help people with feeding tubes and their families.


Learn more about our meal-time approach to enteral nutrition, request patient samples, review clinical research and more in our RD Hub. 

We believe that all people - even those with feeding tubes - deserve easy access to real food.

Our meals can be used to supplement a feeding tube formula-only diet and offer some nutritional variety and the benefits of real food.
If you or your loved one is already on a blenderized diet for feeding tube nutrition, our meals give you a convenient option when you are away from home,
or just don’t feel like blending for tube feeding that day!

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Turkey, Sweet Potatoes & Peaches Real Food Blends

Turkey, Sweet Potatoes & Peaches

Ingredients: Sweet Potatoes, Peaches, Cooked Turkey,

Water, Olive Oil, Green Beans

Chicken, Carrots & Brown Rice Real Food Blends

Chicken, Carrots & Brown Rice

Ingredients: Orange Juice, Cooked Chicken, Carrots, Brown Rice, Grapeseed Oil, Water, Ginger, Roasted Sunflower Seeds.

Eggs, Apples & Oats Real Food Blends

Eggs, Apples & Oats

Ingredients: Apples, Whole Eggs, Water,

Zucchini, Rolled Oats, Flaxseed Oil

Salmon, Oats & Squash Real Food Blends

Salmon, Oats & Squash

Ingredients: Pomegranate Juice, Water, Squash Puree, Salmon, Rolled Oats, Flaxseed Oil (Oats are certified gluten free).

Quinoa, Kale & Hemp Real Food Blends

Quinoa, Kale & Hemp

Ingredients: Grape juice, water, kale,
hemp powder, extra virgin olive oil,
quinoa & cinnamon.

Beef, Potatoes & Spinach

Beef, Potatoes & Spinach

Ingredients: Pineapple Juice, Ground Beef, Potatoes, Spinach, Grapeseed Oil.



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