A week’s worth of food for AJ, ready for the cooler.

The idea to start Real Food Blends came to me when our family traveled to Disney World just after we switched AJ over to a blended diet. I was in a tizzy over how I would feed him, and ended up lugging the blender on the plane, cooking and blending for him there. Not much of a vacation for mom.

¬†Vacation this time around is a bit easier since we are going by car, but this is what a week’s worth of food for AJ looks like now. There’s lamb, chicken, turkey, eggs, kale, coconut milk, zucchini, beet greens, blueberries, mango, flax seed and a whole bunch of other real food in these bags. Each of these bags probably took close to an hour to prepare between shopping, figuring out nutritional information, cooking, cutting, blending, and storing…and let’s not forget the clean up! So that’s what, over a full day of work?! Phew. Can’t wait to have the option to use Real Food Blends at times like these.

Blend on!