I’m proud to announce that Randy Lewis, former SVP of Supply Chain & Logistics at Walgreens has joined the Advisory Board for Real Food Blends.  You probably haven’t heard of him and maybe his title sounds beneficial from a business standpoint for Real Food Blends, but his value here extends so far beyond that.

Randy is a major believer – and implementer – of  “disability inclusion” programs. When at Walgreens, he made disability inclusion a priority, resulting in Walgreens Distribution Centers employing up to 40% of their workforce as disabled employees.

So what’s this got to do with Real Food Blends? Well, part of my dream when I started this journey was to employ disabled people, especially those that may need or have needed feeding tubes.  This isn’t “social entrepreneurship” or charity – this is personal. I don’t know what the future holds for my son AJ. My hope is that he is able to have a job one day and that there will be companies that see the value in employing people like him. And so…

Real Food Blends will be a company that makes disability inclusion a priority.  We are already working with our local disabled workplace employer to employ disabled workers to pick, pack and ship your orders.  As we grow, so will our commitment to disability inclusion.