1-    Each meal is 100% real food, pureed to fit through a feeding tube.  There’s nothing synthetic or artificial added.

2-    These meals are NOT formula. They are meals, meant to be enjoyed in conjunction with each other, a homemade blended diet or even formula. Meal plans are available here.

3-    No prescription needed!! Our meals are not drugs so you don’t need a written prescription to buy. You can order here or contact your Durable Medical Equipment company to have billed to your insurance.

Start with a sample pack-> Order now!

Start with a sample pack. Order now!

4-    Nutritional variety is key to health!   We wouldn’t recommend anyone live off the same thing, every day, for every meal, which is why we have 6 different meals to be used in conjunction with each other.  Check out this transition guide for help getting started with RFB. (

5-    No refrigeration required!

6- These meals are produced in an FDA & USDA regulated facility, and made shelf-stable by a high-heat process, the same process that canned baby food goes through to be made shelf-stable.

7-    Each Real Food Blends meal was tested on a 14fr G-tube. They’re not recommended for NG/ NJ tubes as the tube size is so small.  Although we have not tested, some of our RFB customers do use our meals through J-tubes or 12fr G-Tube (additional liquid is needed to pump feed through these smaller tubes. Details here. Always discuss with your medical team.)

8-    Who can have these meals? Typically, anyone with a G-tube that doesn’t have (or didn’t have prior to the tube being placed) major digestives issues. If the digestive system is intact and working, they should be able to benefit from a real food diet. (Remember, reflux / GERD, constipation and other ‘digestive’ systems have been known to improve on real food versus formula! Also remember that formula intolerance can ‘mask’ the fact that the digestive system was working prior to being fed a formula-only diet.)

9-    Insurance covers these meals for many people. Plans and policies can vary so check with your DME or insurance company (HCPCS code B4149) for coverage criteria but it’s often as simple as getting the orders from your doctor and submitting to your DME.

10-    The meals are intended to be bolus fed with a syringe but can fit through most feeding pumps. (Most people that switch to a real food by tube diet find that the body is able to handle more food in less time – think about how the oral eaters of the world eat a ‘bolus’ meal in a relatively short period of time. Just because a tube-fed person can’t tolerate a bolus of formula doesn’t mean they won’t tolerate a bolus of real food.  Start slowly and work with your medical team.)  This video shows the various ways to feed and tips & tricks on bolus and pump feeding.

If you want to get started, you can pick up a sample pack of our 3 meals to test out at home.  Always consult with your medical team before making any changes to a tube-fed person’s diet.